Working with Purpose

Our collaborative, workshop-based approach combines your product and business knowledge with our research and design expertise to create intuitive and compelling designs.

We are experienced working remotely or embedding directly with agile teams. We offer fixed- or sprint-based pricing, as well as hourly and retainer engagements.

We specialize in data-rich digital products that solve complex business problems. Our work spans across many industries, including sustainable materials, climate change, healthcare, executive leadership, non-profit education, and consumer applications.

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Our Process

Initial Research

We interview your stakeholders, review any existing products or requirements, and learn everything we can about the context of your business. We’ll conduct customer interviews, sit down with your users, prepare a competitor analysis, or audit your existing product to make sure we have a full picture of the situation. 

– Research planning workshops
– Stakeholder interviews
– Contextual Inquiry
– Exploratory interviews (in-person or remote)
– Diary studies 

Discovery and definition

We conduct a collaborative workshop with your team (in-person or remote) to build a shared understanding of the project and set goals for success.  We create workflows, user journeys, and initial concepts for key screens to make sure our vision for the design is on track.

– Discovery + definition workshops
– Brand Identity, Tone and Voice workshops
– User journeys and workflows
– Low-fidelity wireframing
– Concept / Prototype testing
– Qualitative and quantitative surveys


Working in iterative sprints, we start with low-fidelity wireframes and incorporate feedback from your team and from customers to improve the design. To get the best quality feedback, everything we deliver is an interactive prototype people can respond to.

– UI / UX design
– Interactive prototyping
– High-fidelity visual design
– Usability testing
– A/B testing
– Validation testing

Our Workshops

We have been running both remote and in-person workshops since 2015. Our workshops are engaging, hands-on sessions where your team will get things done – no “one person talking at a time” over a video call.

“Purpose UX have raised the bar with their product design workshops. We couldn’t have brought a superior user experience to market without them. They are a trusted partner.”

Jack Nicholson – CEO @ Here’s Johnny

Discovery & Definition Workshop

Starting with your business context and success criteria, we’ll work with your team to build a shared understanding of your product. We’ll uncover customer needs, define key features, and create an end-to-end map of the customer experience. 

Research Planning Workshops 

Integrating research can be daunting, but it’s essential for modern business. We’ll help your team uncover assumptions, prioritize research areas based on risk and impact, and create a research plan that will deliver results. Our framework creates measurable, objective outcomes to make sure the end product of any study is validated and actionable. 

Brand and Identity Workshops

Get a new style, a new look, and a new way to connect with your users. Our process will incorporate feedback from your whole team that will help you represent your brand visually and create the right tone and voice.