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At Purpose UX, we do research-first, prototype-fast, get-your-hands-dirty design
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What We Do

We specialize in data-rich digital products that solve complex business problems

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You’ll get immediate feedback, rapid iterations, and a polished user experience because we connect your ideas with real people, fast.

Our Experience

We’ve helped startups get their dream projects off the ground, designed tools to help Fortune 100 companies achieve their public commitments, and successfully redesigned complex, feature-rich applications as intuitive web apps

Featured Case Studies

a police car at night
Data on traffic stops in North Carolina is required to be publicly available, but for many people, it can be challenging to access. We partnered with Caktus Group and Forward Justice to launch a new site designed to make this data easy to access and understand for everyone.
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As an all-in-one platform serving a diverse group of independent coaches, Coaches Console had reached a point where newer users found it hard to get started, even as more expert users valued the comprehensive feature-set. We redesigned the application to serve both audiences better, improving information hierarchy, navigation, interaction design, and visual design over a long project involving continued cycles of research, design, and user testing.
A callout for the case study of Chem Forward illustrating a beach ball depicting a map of the world.
In partnership ChemForward and a leading Fortune 100 tech company, we created a hazard screening tool for Materials Engineers to build products using safer alternatives. We designed the initial version of the tool, balancing the complex realities of hazard assessment data with the business needs of manufacturers and suppliers.
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Careers in the trades can be overlooked by qualified workers, and this major utility company wanted to change that. They needed a digital strategy to recruit a diverse workforce into high-paying jobs. Working in collaboration with company stakeholders and community economic development leaders, we designed and conducted a research study with prospective job-seekers to better understand how to meet their needs.

Working together for over a decade, we’ve delivered results in a wide range of industries including:

Executive Leadership

Working together for over a decade, we’ve delivered results in a wide range of industries including:

Social Responsibility
Municipal Billing
Executive Leadership
Legal Tech

We are more than a design agency

We develop and implement design strategy, uncover new insights, and make purposeful, human-centered web applications

Our Services

What we offer

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Create a shared understanding of challenges, user journeys, deliverables, and timelines through a collaborative session that brings together all of your project stakeholders.
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Discovery & Definition
Set your team up for success with clear goals and a defined scope of work with a collaborative discovery and definition session - in-person or remote!
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Understand how your customers are using your product and discover new opportunities to delight through interviews, contextual inquiry, or usability testing.
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Audits & Accessibility
Learn where to best invest your resources with a comprehensive analysis of your application and its usability and accessibility.
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Wireframing & Prototyping
See your ideas come to life and provide feedback every step of the way with wireframes and interactive prototypes.
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Interaction Design
Ensure people are able to complete tasks efficiently. Every click counts when your customers are trying to get a job done!
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Design Systems
Stay consistent and maintain your application with a comprehensive library of components, style guides, and layouts.
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High Fidelity Visual Design
Provide a delightful experience for your users with high-fidelity visuals that are both accessible and crafted to work hand in hand with UX principles.

Partners & Clients

What Our Partners Say

"The Purpose UX team is friendly, professional, and exceptional at what they do. They get right to the heart of the problem and deliver high-quality design work. They work to fully understand our business and integrate well with our IT/Engineering staff. I've worked with them many times and always have been extremely impressed with the results.”
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"Purpose UX has delivered excellent design work for us... I’ve been impressed with their ability to understand complicated topics quickly, synthesize feedback from experts, and deliver intuitive and easy-to-implement designs that endure. They are skilled workshop facilitators in-person and virtually... Purpose UX consistently delivers on time and on budget. I highly recommend them as collaborative design partners for complex projects."
An avatar image of a client giving a testimonial of Purpose UX's work.